Nokia held its mysterious VIP event on Tuesday night, and as expected the focus was on virtual reality. But instead of another VR headset, the company unveiled a new camera called Ozo capable of recording high-quality 3D video and audio.

“We’re thrilled to introduce OZO to the content creation world, and to define a completely new category of virtual reality capture and playback solutions,” said Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies.

Ozo is designed for professional video makers. It features a futuristic design with eight camera sensors and eight microphones. It also includes special software that makes it possible for the director to view the results in VR in real time, though the live footage is a little less crisp as a result. That’s still a big advantage over competing cameras, which produce footage that needs to be assembled before it can be watched.

Videos shot with Ozo can be viewed using VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Nokia says it plans to release the camera later this year. There’s still no word on the final specs or an official price, but we have a feeling it won’t come cheap.