Nokia had so much to cover during its Oct. 22 press event yesterday that the company had to leave a few accessories out, including the DC-50, a sleek new wireless charging plate designed specifically for the Lumia 1520, but with support for other handsets as well.

The DC-50 comes in yellow, white, blue or red. It’s a portable charger, and when it runs out of power you can plug it in via micro-USB or simply place it on top of another Qi charger—if you happen to have a second one lying around. The new charging plate weighs just 150 grams. It’s 12 mm thick with a height and width of 69 x 134 mm.

It’s nice to see Nokia putting a real emphasis on wireless charging, and we appreciate that it builds the tech into some of its phones. Other companies force their customers to purchase a separate back panel, though to be fair Nokia does for some models, too. The DC-50 may be specifically designed for Nokia’s new 6-inch phablet, but it’s designed to work with any Qi-enabled device, including the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925, with back plates, and Lumia 920.