Nokia just unveiled the Asha 202, 203 and 302 Symbian 40 smartphones. The Asha 202 allows users to use two SIM cards while the 203 supports a single SIM card. The phones all support "Nokia Life" tools, which offer a ton of new capabilities to customers in emerging markets. Nokia Life has a new UI and more social features. Users can share content to contacts, submit polls for other Asha users to answer and more. Nokia plans to expand its Asha Nokia Life markets from the four current markets into additional markets. The phones will come with 40 free popular EA games that can be downloaded from the Nokia Store during the first 60 days of ownership. The devices will begin shipping in the next few weeks.

The 302 is targeted at hyper-social consumers. It comes with Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and push-email ready to go out of the box. It supports a 1Ghz processor and 14.4Mbps networks. It also features a "cloud-accelerated" Nokia browser, which Nokia says is super easy to use thanks to a "locally tailored start page." The web browser also supports web apps for Series 40. The Asha 302 also supports Microsoft's Exchange email, the first for any Asha-branded smartphone, which will allow users to use contacts, email and calendar sync. Exchange will be supported on the 302 and the 303 — announced earlier this year — at no-charge. The 302 is shipping now for about 95 Euros.