Nokia’s Treasure Tag, which has been the subject of a few leaks over the past year or so, is now official. The device pairs with your smartphone using NFC and then connects with Bluetooth, and will emit a loud noise if you walk out of distance from your smartphone. So, for example, you can keep the Treasure Tag on your keys and you’ll be alerted if you ever walk too far from your keys – if you accidentally leave them behind in a restaurant for example, or if you have your keys but walk too far away from your smartphone.

If Nokia Treasure Tag sounds familiar, that’s because it is. HTC Fetch was introduced last year and has the same functions. Nokia’s option is slightly different in that it comes in four color choices, including black, white, blue and yellow. It also works with a Nokia Treasure Tag application and up to four Tags. Using the app, you can see a map to find exactly where you might have left one of the Tags behind. You might leave one in your backpack to keep track of it, for example, another in your coat, and yet another on your bike in case it’s stolen. You’ll be able to pin Live Tiles to your start screen that represent each Treasure Tag.

The Nokia Treasure Tag will retail for $29.90 when it hits the market in April.  It will natively work with Nokia’s Lumia smartphones running Lumia Black, though Nokia said third-party apps will also work with iOS and Android devices.