Samsung Windows 8 tablet featuredNokia's first Windows Phone handset, the Lumia 800, began its launch today, hitting stores in the U.K. as well as other outlets in its initial launch territories around the world. However, the Finnish company already has an even better Lumia up its sleeve.

Paul Amsellem, general manager of the company's French division, told the French newspaper Les Echos in a recent interview that a high-end Nokia Lumia smartphone is coming soon. Strangely, Amsellem used BMW cars as an analogy to Nokia's smartphone lineup, saying that the Lumia 800 is a mid-range device like the BMW Series 5, while the Lumia 710 is an entry-level model like the BMW Series 3. Its upcoming device, however, will be more prestigious, like BMW's Series 7 cars.

And Nokia's dedication to Microsoft operating systems isn't about to stop at smartphones. The company also has a Windows 8 tablet that will be coming next summer, according Amsellem.

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop hinted at an upcoming tablet in a recent interview, but he remained very secretive; acknowledging the opportunity but not actually committing to the device. He didn't need to, however, because Amsellem just did it for him.

"In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs on Windows 8," Amsellem said, suggesting that the device isn't just an "opportunity," but that it is indeed part of Nokia's roadmap.

I'm super excited about both of these devices, but does the idea of a high-end Nokia Lumia put you off the Lumia 800? If I was a Windows Phone user, I'd be tempted to wait for the "Series 7" device.

[via Gizmodo]