Nokia's announcement on Sept. 5 might involve a Windows Phone 8 device with PureView camera tech. An innocuous video popped up on Wednesday of nothing more than a cute blonde on a bike. But if you read into the clues — brevity of the teaser (21 seconds) — and piece that with the quotes we've previously heard out of Nokia, it might be safe to assume we'll be getting a device with a monster cam — likely one with a 21-megapixel PureView.

Nokia devices are renowned for their design, so a lot of anticipation surrounds the company's moves with Windows Phone 8. If the company manages to combine its excellent hardware with Microsoft's wonderful new software in a meaningful way — add PureView to the mix — then Nokia might have the flagship everyone has been waiting for.

"Things are about to change," Nokia promises. My only hope is that the possible upgrade in camera technology doesn't make for a enormously thick device. We'll know for sure come Sept. 5.