We’ve heard a number of rumors suggesting Nokia is working on a tablet, and a recent patent filing further suggests something is incoming. The patent itself doesn’t describe physical tablet hardware, but instead details an “apparatus cover with keyboard.” What does that remind you of? Oh, right, Microsoft’s excellent but under-appreciated Surface.

Nokia previously admitted it was closely watching the tablet space, so we know the company is interested. Though, to be fair, Windows RT tablets haven’t exactly been the talk of the town, meaning Nokia would be entering into a volatile market. Still, backed by moderate Lumia success, Nokia may be looking for ways to translate that into a bigger form factor. In addition to the patent filing, another hint recently popped up—complete with authentic-looking renders—that could point to an imminent launch.

We’re entering into a crucial part of the year when the biggest players in the market talk about upcoming tablets. We’re expecting Apple to introduce something soon, and you can bet we’ll see something from Google at I/O in May. Not to mention Microsoft is working on follow ups of its own, while Amazon is likely hard at work at Kindle Fire HD successors.