Nokia is ditching its traditional product naming conventions in favor of just using numbers to name its handsets. The new numbers-only naming convention went into effect today with the launch of the Nokia 500, the companies newest Symbian handset.

So, why only numbers? Nokia explains it best from their blog:

1. Don't tell us what to do with our phones
Most phones nowadays have very adaptable hardware and software. You can do whatever you like with it. Perhaps you use your Eseries business smartphone mainly for games or IM-ing friends? Maybe you're crunching numbers on a spreadsheet using an entertainment-focused Nokia X7? That's up to you – the classifications were indicators, but often, they didn't match-up to what people were actually doing with their phones.

2. Hard to compare
How is the Nokia C7 different than a Nokia X7? It all depends what you want to do with it and what your budget is. What about comparing a Nokia C3 and a Nokia C3-01? It turns out they're actually very different devices. Also, it made it hard to tell how much something should cost. To the average person, a Nokia C7 should cost the same as a Nokia E7. They have a point.

3. People are fine with numbers
People understand the logic behind 'the bigger the number, the more you get' philosophy. Theoretically speaking, if we were announce a Nokia 890 (which, to be very clear, does not exist), but it's a bit out of your price range, you'll know that the Nokia 790 (again, this model doesn't exist. Yet. ) might be a more affordable option. Also, used consistently over time, people learn to know roughly what to expect from a model using its number as a reference.

The idea is pretty simple, and one that Nokia hopes will help people understand the differences between its handset options. The average consumer will likely have a much easier time understanding that a "100" handset is a lot less awesome than the "9000," then trying to decipher what different letters and names might mean.

I personally love the idea. As someone who talks to people about phones on a pretty regular basis, there's tons of confusion about how phones compare against each other. It would be great to be able to (at least on a basic level) be able to compare phones simply by their model number.

What do you think? Is changing to all-number system a good move for Nokia?