Does Nokia, and by association Microsoft, have a smartwatch coming down the pipeline? It appears so, at least according to a new patent application that was filed two months ago and published Thursday.

The application for a "Multi-segment Wearable Accessory" describes a device with a processor, a memory module and a display and can be "worn by the user so as to reduce the number of independent mobile terminals that the user must otherwise carry." That suggests it could operate independently of a smartphone or tablet, though we imagine Microsoft and Nokia will want this to work closely with Windows Phone and Windows.

Nokia's patent also discusses a possible touch screen, touch areas, soft keys, a microphone, a speaker and other components that, it sounds like, could help the device serve as a communication accessory similar to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Commands might also be executed through gestures, as the patent describes a "shaking action a user may make when attempting to re-seat a watch on his wrist" that could be confused with an attempt to shake the watch in order to "collapse all" information on the display. As you'll note in the picture above, content could also appear on multiple displays.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear is the latest foray into the wearable mobile accessory territory, though several other firms including Apple are rumored to be hard at work on similar devices.