Nokia LumiaNokia revealed earlier today that its partner in Lumia crime, Microsoft, gave the Finnish company an enormous $250 million sum in “platform support.” Sheesh. With such a large financial backing, the two companies are betting big on its line of Windows Phone devices. Well, the venture finally looks to be paying off. Since introducing its first Lumia handsets in October, Nokia said the company has “sold well over 1 million Lumia devices to date.”

The Windows Phone venture has thus far only reached a limited market overseas, with the exception of the Lumia 710 making its way to T-Mobile stateside. The company currently has plans to reenter the American market in a big way soon, though, announcing its 4.3-inch Lumia 900 during CES 2012. If the device does indeed hit at its rumored $99 price in March, Nokia will definitely make a huge statement on its intention to once again become a major contender.

Looking toward 2012, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the company will be looking to build on the Lumia’s initial success through heavy marketing and new products. In addition to the U.S., Nokia plans to bring the Lumia line to Chinese and Latin American markets before summer 2012.

TechnoBuffalo recently sung the praises of Nokia’s Lumia 800. If the company can hit that same balance of hardware and software, we have no doubts this time next year Nokia will be touting much higher Lumia figures.

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