Microsoft buyout be damned, Nokia is far from done innovating. In a video posted last week to company’s Conversations blog, the Finnish company reveals the research it’s conducting with the aim of developing the technology to charge your smartphone with lightning. A quick disclaimer: Nokia does not recommend that you try this at home.

The tests involve creating 200,000 volts of simulated lightning using a transformer and shooting the bolt across a 30mm gap. A second transformer attached to a Lumia 925 and placed just below the simulated lightning then absorbs the released energy and passes it through the phone, charging it in the process. The experiment’s success demonstrates—among other things— the build quality of Nokia’s product, which “stabilized the noisy signal” without much help.

Nokia isn’t suggesting that in the near future smartphone owners will be chasing after storms to charge their batteries, but the experiment opens up the door for new innovations in wireless charging. The results confirm that a device can be charged using the current that passes through the air, meaning in the future you could be wirelessly charging your smartphone without even touching it to a power source.