Nokia 701, 700, 600

Nokia has this morning released the Feature Pack 1 update for its latest smartphones running the Symbian Belle operating system, introducing a number of new features while increasing the speed of each handset’s processor.

Available to the 701, 700, and 603 handsets, the update increases clock speed by 30% from 1GHz to 1.3GHz on all three handsets, resulting in improved performance for “processor-constrained tasks” and a generally snappier operating system. This will mean that the chip consumes a little more of your battery power, however, according to All About Symbian, it is “unlikely to be noticeable to the end user.”

Furthermore, there are new widgets, including a mechanical clock, a mobile data tracker, small music player controls, an offline on/off toggle, and more. Other widgets will also be available depending on which software you have installed from Nokia Beta Labs, such as Lync, maps, places nearby, weather, and more.

Multitasking has also been updated, with the “live” screenshots of each application now free floating over the underlying screen. The screenshots also update more frequently, and promise to be more appealing. The default menu style has also been modified, as has the pull down notifications menu.

Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital Plus technology has been integrated to provide an “enhanced audio experience when using headphones, and tracks that are encoded with Dolby Digital Plus are transformed into a personal surround sound experience. “The difference is very noticeable,” All About Symbian says, “and for most listeners will count as a very significant improvement (especially when watching movies).”

There’s also a new web browser — version 8.2 — which provides better support for HTML5 and a number of tweaks to the user interface. The update increases the browsers web score to 226 in HTML5 benchmark tests, while the preview browser achieved only 164.

Like most of Nokia’s major software updates, Belle FP1 is being rolled out in stages, so you may not see it on your handset today. You will receive a notification when it’s available to download over-the-air. If you’re purchasing a new 808 PureView handset, Belle FP1 will come pre-installed. Unfortunately, however, those with a first-generation Symbian 3 handset, like the Nokia N8, won’t receive the update at all.

What do you think of the Belle FP1 update?

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