AT&T Nokia Lumia 925-VS-1020-920-Back

Remember the Lytro? It was a camera that allowed consumers to snap pictures and edit the focus after the picture was taken. It was a neat idea, though the product itself hasn't really gained that much traction from the everyday camera user. Now Nokia is trying something similar with a new piece of software for Windows Phone called Nokia Refocus.

As The Verge notes, Nokia employs similar techniques as Lytro, though using software instead of hardware to do so. After you take a picture, you can choose which area of the shot that you want to focus on. So, if you take a pic of a flower in a pot, for example, you can choose to set the focus to the background, or to keep the flower in focus while blurring the rest of the background. The technology is ideal for shooters who accidentally snap a picture and realize later that it was out of focus. The Verge says you can also set it to highlight a specific color and then leave the rest of the image in monochrome.

Refocus is expected to launch for all Lumia Windows Phone devices with PureView cameras, which is most of the devices that have launched in the United States so far, though not all of them. Hopefully we'll be able to give it a whirl soon.