Nokia said Monday that it will make a mobile announcement on Wednesday at 7am GMT, but didn't provide much information besides the time and the image that you see above. It very much looks like a QWERTY keyboard is on the device, which suggests we're looking at a new phone–perhaps not powered by Windows Phone—that's destined for emerging markets.

Nokia's focus is very much still on Windows Phone, but we haven't seen anything suggesting that the company wants to introduce a Windows Phone device with a QWERTY keyboard. We also think that the firm's bigger announcements will include an aluminum smartphone, the Lumia 928 for Verizon and a 41-megapixel-toting smartphone for AT&T. The location and time of the event suggest that this isn't a U.S. product announcement.

We'll see what happens on Wednesday, but right now we're guessing this is going to be a relatively entry-level device.