Nokia Lumia 900Here's yet another reason to hold off on picking up a handset from Nokia's Lumia line. In an interview with Neowin, Richard Kerris, vice president of worldwide developer relations, revealed that PureView camera tech — the very same in the 808 — will feature in a Lumia device "very soon." How soon? Kerris isn't telling.

We previously heard of Nokia's PureView plans last month, so the news isn't revelatory. Still, it's yet further confirmation that the excellent hardware found in something like the Lumia 900 could be matched with a 41-megapixel camera sensor. Consumers can currently pick up the 808 PureView now, but the device is based on Symbian, which isn't exactly tearing folks away from iOS and Android.

In addition to news about PureView, Kerris also mentioned that its Windows Phone lineup is heading to Verizon in the near future but, again, no timeframe was shared; currently, only AT&T and T-Mobile customers have access to Lumia handsets here in the U.S.

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