If you owned a Nokia smartphone before the Finnish firm adopted Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, chances are it was running Symbian. It was once a hugely popular platform, but the likes of Android and iOS — and indeed Windows Phone in recent years — have quickly eaten away at its market share.

It's no surprise, then, to hear that Nokia is finally pulling the plug on the operating system and sending it into "maintenance mode." Its latest update, Belle Feature Pack 2, will be the last, and no new features will be added by Nokia. The company confirmed its move in an email to a Symbian developer who reported a bug with the Nokia Drive app.

The response read:

Dear developer,

Thank you for your improvement ideas, thus (sic) Symbian is in maintenance mode and no new features will be implement[ed] without extremely good reason (business case). We have written down your ideas for future development if there is a chance that new features will be released.

Kind Regards

Nokia Developer support

It seemed inevitable that Symbian would meet its demise in the not-too-distant future, especially after Nokia's decision to focus on Windows Phone devices. But it is a little surprising that the move comes so soon after Nokia released the 808 PureView, a Symbian-powered smartphone.

The device got the Belle FP2 update in early October, which introduced a number of new features and made several performance improvements, but it seems that will be its last.

Are you disappointed that this is the end of Symbian?

[Via: PhoneArena]