Nokia recently posted a banner outside of its Helsinki store that says "Something Amazing is Coming…. 7/9/2012," which implies (based on the European standard of formatting a date) that the company has a big announcement up its sleeves for September 7th.

We usually expect to hear big news from Nokia during Nokia World in the fall, but we've been told that event won't be as big as it has in the past and that it won't involve the press. We're guessing this will be Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 device, likely a new Lumia flagship smartphone, since Microsoft has already confirmed that the latest Windows Phone 8 phones will launch this fall in time for the holiday shopping season. We're imagining the specs will include a high-resolution HD display, NFC support, a new camera sensor and a fresh hardware design.

Still, the company did say that it has a backup plan for Windows Phone. It too early for an Android device? We think so.  What do you want to see from Nokia's next flagship?

Updated: Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds like the Helsinki store is just undergoing a renovation. "That store is undergoing some scheduled summer maintenance/renovation and will reopen on September 7," Nokia spokesperson Keith Nowak told AllThingsD. " This has been made into a lot more than it is."

Bummer. Either way, we're expecting new Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices this fall.

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