Nokia event June 18 2012A rather innocuous image put up on Nokia's U.S. Facebook page on Friday may suggest one of the company's more talked about handsets is heading stateside. According to AllThingsD's sources, the image is in reference to the monster 41-megapixel 808 PureView — 808 is Hawaii's area code — which the Internet went gaga over when it was announced earlier this year.

If said phone does make its way to U.S. consumers, the likely scenario will be to offer it unlocked, AllThingsD said, meaning the price will be pretty difficult to justify with subsidized devices like the HTC One X and Galaxy S III on the market. If the Symbian-equipped PureView is your cup of tea, however, you'll soon have the chance to scoop up the future of smartphone photography. At least until Windows Phone devices start getting PureView tech.

[via AllThingsD]