Nokia Play To beta

Nokia has released a beta of its latest Windows Phone application called Nokia Play To, which is the first to bring DLNA content streaming to Microsoft's mobile platform. It's a free download for Lumia users who are signed up to Nokia Beta Labs, and it allows you to send videos and pictures wirelessly to other DLNA devices, like TVs, Blu-ray players, PCs, and later game consoles.

DLNA has been built into most mid-range and high-end Android smartphones for some time, but some users find it's not all that simple to use. Nokia has attempted to address this issue with Nokia Play To, which provides you with a friendly interface from which to control your media.

It's still early days for Nokia Play To, however, and as you'd expect, there are lots of bugs that need to be addressed. The service doesn't yet support music streaming — though it does support movies and photos — and SlashGear reports that it won't play nicely with some DLNA devices:

Since this is an early beta, there are still some rough edges to be polished away. Currently Sony BRAVIA internet-connected TVs aren't working properly with the app, for video at least, and right now there's no Media Server support which means your Xbox 360 and PS3 won't actually be able to see the device. Videos at higher resolutions are also supposedly causing problems.

Of course, Nokia is working on all of these issues, and you can bet they'll have disappeared by the time the app reaches its public debut.

Nokia Play To will undoubtedly be great news to Windows Phone users — at least those with Lumia devices — who have been waiting for Microsoft to introduce this functionality to the core of Windows Phone. Its seems that Nokia decided it was time to step up and make it happen.

Have you tried Nokia Play To yet?

[via SlashGear]