There are a small number of Nokia phones sold in the United States, but HMD Global wants to make its Nokia Mobile brand more popular in the market.

HMD Global is looking to fill three positions in the U.S. with all of them involving product management or sales. The positions are based in Newark, Seattle, and Dallas.

It may seem strange to have these new employees spread throughout the country, but HMD Global doesn’t have any major U.S.-based offices that we’re aware of. Nokia Mobile’s parent company might want its new team working remotely to cover various regions of the country.

More specifically, these positions will require people who can grow Nokia Mobile through increased distribution and sales. The product lead, for example, needs to “create and manage a winning portfolio” that ensures “proper balance between carriers, open market, and own e-commerce.” As for the other roles, the descriptions are similar.

The three positions on LinkedIn are labeling around six years of experience as a must-have qualification; therefore, HMD Global seems very serious about getting talent won’t botch its U.S. push.

As of late, HMD Global hasn’t funneled its flagships and high-end devices into the U.S. since the market is too competitive. The mid-range and entry-level devices from the Nokia Mobile portfolio have been all we’ve seen.

If you’re interested in Nokia Mobile, keep an eye on what HMD Global does at IFA 2018. The trade show, which will go down in late August, feels like the perfect place for new Nokia phones to debut. We’ll just have to be patient and see if anything makes it to the U.S. (along with high-end specifications perhaps).