Nokia is holding a press conference on Sept. 5 with Microsoft, during which it is expected to announce at least two Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Among those devices are the high-end “Phi,” which should land on AT&T as a new flagship smartphone, as well as the “Arrow,” which is reportedly destined to both AT&T and T-Mobile. Those were rumors that we reported on earlier today, but now there’s a bit more ground to them.

LiveSide published the above image, which is a design patent that was recently granted to Nokia. It seems to match up nicely with the leaked prototype that we saw a few weeks ago and, as The Verge notes, is a bit too thin to represent a patent for Nokia’s existing Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 smartphones. You’ll also note, if you look closely, that the speaker grill is split across the microUSB port. The microUSB port is on top of the Lumia 900 and there’s a single speaker on the bottom, so this is a patent for an entirely new device.

We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Nokia’s next-generation Windows Phone 8 devices are thinner than the current batch of Lumias, so we’re pretty excited to see what comes to fruition on Sept. 5.

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