Nokia Normandy

A new picture of Nokia's Android-powered Normandy smartphone was posted on Monday to the @evleaks Twitter account, showing off the company's array of famous neon colors. We also get a nice glimpse at Nokia's Android UI, which was been forked to resemble Microsoft's recognizable tile environment on Windows Phone. It seems that even when Nokia is dabbling in competitive waters, it can't quite help but long for the unique look of WP. The picture is given little context, though it does say 2014, suggesting the device will actually make it to market this year.

Even after continued leaks, we're still not sure what to make of Nokia's fabled Android device. Will it or won't it hit the market? With Microsoft still set to scoop Nokia up, the chances of it appearing in consumer hands is still slim—but the incessant leaks suggest otherwise. In addition to today's press image, we're already seen a possible prototype in the wild, along with what Android might look like after going through Nokia's lab—kind of a cross between Android and Windows Phone.

Nokia's Normandy devices will allegedly run a forked version of Android, so it won't have access to Google Play, nor will it enjoy the pleasures of Google's own apps, including Gmail, Chrome and Google Maps. Nokia consistently makes some of the best hardware around, but the company's loyalty to Windows Phone may have come at a cost of limited marketshare, meaning many existing smartphone owners don't know what it's like to use a Nokia smartphone. Will that change with an Android-powered Nokia device (if it even comes out)? Hopefully we'll find out soon.