808PureViewNokia808s and heartbreak, Buffalo. If you had plans on making Nokia’s 41-megapixel monster your next handset, this here is some bad news. TechCrunch is reporting the Nokia 808 PureView won’t be released stateside, and apparently the decision comes down to the handset’s OS.

The device, it seems, will only find a home “where Symbian phones actually have a following and [the 808] has a chance of making a splash,” TechCrunch wrote. I guess Nokia feels like there’s just not enough Symbian to go around with the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry kicking about.

The little tidbit of news was spotted on the phone’s product page, which lists the device as Global, except there’s a disappointing asterisk denoting North American exclusion. Boo.

So the world’s highest megapixel camera that also happens to be a phone won’t be making it to the U.S. It’s not the most surprising of decisions from Nokia, really. I’m guessing when the PureView was announced to be running Symbian, many folks were going “What’s Symbian?” Plus, Nokia’s decision will allow the company to focus more intently on bringing North America bigger and better Windows Phone. Plus, the company has already confirmed we’ll see the new camera technology stuffed into one of its future Lumia phones. TechnoBuffalo can definitely get behind that.

[via Tech Crunch]