At first glance, the Nokia N9 may look pretty familiar. The phone shares an almost identical form-factor to the Nokia Lumia 800 Jon reviewed last week, while taking away the buttons at the bottom of the screen and adding a forward-facing VGA camera. The phone is Nokia’s first, and likely last and only MeeGo device and is definitely a beauty to look at.

Even though we’re not going to see the N9 here in the US (unless you’re up for purchasing a high-dollar unlocked version) the folks at Nokia were nice enough to send me a review unit to take for a test spin. I’m a huge fan of the N9, not only in how it looks – but how MeeGo allows the handset to function as a compete touchscreen device. It’s a pretty sleek looking UI, and one I almost immediately fell in love with.

Check out this photo gallery of the N9 and Meego in action. If you need a little more MeeGo in your life I also shot a video a few weeks ago at Nokia World of the OS.

What do you think? Anyone thinking about snagging one of these unlocked?

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