It's always nice when we get an early look at a long rumored phone, but we sadly usually get stuck with blurry camera phone pictures of them.  (Seriously, can no one hold a phone steady when they take a picture?)  So, it's always nice when some clear images show up for phones we've been hearing about, and Negri Electronics delivers with a very clear video of the upcoming Nokia N9.

nokia-n9As you can see from the video above, they obviously got a good bit of hands on time with a prototype. Unfortunately there are no specs known yet for the device, but it clearly has an HDMI slot at the bottom, a charging port and one other that I wasn't clear on.

We also know it's a slider and … that's about it.  No hard specs, no pricing, no release date and so on, but still fun to take a look at.

What say you?  How's the Nokia N9 looking to you?