The Nokia N9 has been circulating for some time, and despite passing FCC testing last month, the device was still somewhat in question for actually being released.  With the company’s deal with Microsoft, no one was quite sure what the fate of this phone would be, but these new press shots discovered by PocketNow just shores up one theory that the phone will be unveiled tomorrow at CommunicAsia 2011 in Singapore

Nokia N9

What leaps out at you immediately is that the physical QWERTY keyboard is definitely absent. Up until the FCC schematics came out last month, it had been believed that the phone would include a hard keyboard, but the drawings did not show it in the most current form. Some believed that meant it had been killed, and judging by these shots it has been.

Some are suggesting the keyboard version of the phone does indeed still exist, but it may get a name change to the N950.

Nokia N9 colors

First impressions? These remind me a lot for some reason of the iPod Shuffle.  I think it’s just the coloring, and the bottom and top of the phone have a somewhat similar shape to the diminutive music player, but beyond that I’m intrigued by the apparently bulging screen; while it looks cool, it just screams “scratch magnet” to me.

What do you think of the new N9?  Be sure to check back as we bring you all of the details as they come out.

[via PocketNow]