Nokia N9In a rather surprising turn of events, the Nokia N9 has passed FCC testing.  Why is this surprising?  Because everyone thought it was dead after the announcement of the Nokia/Microsoft deal.

Our good friends over at PocketNow turned up a schematic over at the FCC site for a Nokia phone labeled “RM-680”.  While it is never called the N9, they put the schematic next to an image of the N9, and it’s pretty obvious that they are one and the same.

Despite the schematic showing up with some of the keyboard parts still intact, rumors have been floating around that the physical QWERTY keyboard has been removed from the device.  There has also been some speculation that the entire project has been ditched because no one is sure if the phone still fits into Nokia’s plans.  Its failure to make an appearance the Mobile World Congress back in Feb just seemed to deepen the speculation that this phone may never to see the light of day.

Only time will tell how this all plays out, but for the time being we know the phone still exists in some form, and it’s okay with the folks over at the FCC.

What do you think? Will Nokia ever release this phone?

[via PocketNow]