At a Nokia Connection event in Singapore late last night Nokia officially announced the N9, a "pure touch screen" device running the MeeGo operating system. Nokia announced earlier this year that it would be focusing its smartphone efforts around Windows Phone 7, making N9 born into an already dying operating system.

The N9 is all screen (3.9 inches of it), with no forward-facing buttons. The handset comes in 16GB and 64GB varieties, has an 8-megapixel built-in camera, and has built-in NFC technology. In a demo at the announcement Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's senior vice president for design showed the phone pairing with a Bluetooth headset by simply being tapped against the phone.

You can check out a a PDF with all the N9's spec action here. Nokia plans to use a similar design for non-MeeGo handsets, so if you're not a MeeGo fan there's a chance you could pick up something similar running Windows Phone 7 in the not to distant future .

What do you think? Is the N9 taking MeeGo out with a bang? Would you buy an N9 if it was running Windows Phone 7?