The Nokia N9 has had a long, strange journey.  Last year the model number was associated with a handset with a physical keyboard, and somewhere along the way it turned in to what looked almost like a very large iPod Nano.  The final version was pretty much universally hailed as looking fantastic, but then Nokia made a deal with Microsoft to work exclusively on Windows Phone 7 devices.  The N9 ended up hanging in limbo for a bit, and was finally released, but not in any of the major global markets such as the U.S., the U.K. or Japan.

While this may be one of Nokia’s last hurrahs before shifting much of its focus to Windows Phone 7 handsets – and it’s certainly the last hurrah for MeeGo – the N9 is a gorgeous looking phone to be sure.

Thanks to the folks at Negri Electronics for sending over the images.