Nokia recently decided to completely rebrand its Nokia Music service as “Nokia MixRadio,” likely trying to jump in on the popular streaming music game. We tried out the new service this morning and can report back with a few first thoughts.

Nokia MixRadio basically has preset mixes that are available for listening, but it also works like Pandora. You can give a thumbs up so that it continues to play songs it thinks you’ll like, or a thumbs down to eliminate that tune altogether. Unlike Pandora, Nokia MixRadio has its own MP3 store for buying tunes (though you can’t download it even if you have an Xbox Music subscription, which is silly), information on nearby live music concerts (like Nokia Music offered) and more. You can also store songs for offline playback, like competing services. If you want to skip more than six times an hour and access to lyrics, you can sign up for unlimited music from Nokia MixRadio+ for $3.99 per month.

We installed Nokia MixRadio on our Lumia 1520 to give it a quick test. It’s still a little buggy; we had a hard time starting a radio station for the band Less Than Jake. However, we were easily able to start streaming songs from the pre-set playlists, which includes the Billboard Top 100 and the “most played” songs across various genres. The user interface looks pretty solid, too, though we didn’t have any issues with the old one.

We’re big fans of Spotify and Pandora, but we’ll give Nokia MixRadio a whirl for a few days to see if it sticks. The app is available as an update to Nokia Music from the Windows Phone Store now.