Nokia’s Lumia smartphones have excellent low-light performance. What happens when you use a flash to counteract the lower lighting? Well, you run into issues with people in your photos with the redeye effect. Nokia’s in on the fun with a new commercial for its Lumia 925, which suggests that owners of the iPhone who rely on LED flash, instead of a camera sensor that’s very capable in the dark, end up looking like zombies.

The 1 minute 26 second clip is funny and lighthearted and shows people in bright lights with zombie-like movements and red-eyes, again, reflecting what one might look like in the face of an LED flash. To play devil’s advocate, though, the xenon flash on the Lumia 928 on Verizon is super, super bright, so Nokia’s not exactly a poster child for removing redeye.

Nokia’s commercial ends with a zombie saying “Photo” as he prepares to snap a picture of one of the living – a clear suggestion that perhaps this zombie disease is passed about by the iPhone 5’s LED flash. The final clip says: “The best pictures in any light. Even without the Flash. The New Nokia Lumia 925.”