lumia-920Nokia made a statement today. The kind of we’re-not-messing-around war call that emphasizes the company is in it for the long haul, that it can recapture some of its dumb/feature phone magic. With its new Lumia 920, Nokia isn’t just drawing a line in the sand for consumers to join, it’s essentially making an offer people will be very hard pressed to refuse.

The Lumia 920 is a hypnotizing potion of ingredients — NFC, augmented reality, PureView camera technology, unrivaled build quality — that has combined to create a device worthy of the next generation of Windows Phone. This is what Nokia needs to survive the iPhone and Android onslaught.

Possibly the 920’s biggest selling point will be the camera, but initially reading about it could leave some feeling disappointed. No, it’s not equipped with a 41-megapixel monster. In fact, it’s nowhere near the megapixel count as the 808 we saw earlier this year. Instead, Nokia has emphasized how its PureView tech has improved to fit within the Lumia 920.

The company claims the 920’s 8-megapixel cam can capture 5x-10x more light than competing sensors, which means users can capture action with minimal to no blur, and shoot better photos in low-light situations. Those two aspects right there are perfect marketing points for the average consumer.

In addition to the better low-light performance, Nokia said the 920 is equipped with a “floating” lens, which gives both photos and videos better stabilization. Again, another gigantic plus for consumers.

Nokia will also want to push its offline maps, which will still work with Nokia Drive turn-by-turn nav. That’s an enormous convenience for big city exploring. Nokia is also including a City Lens AR app and AR within maps so you can see your route along with points of interest. It looks beautifully implemented, but we’ll have to see how it performs with real world testing.

This go around, Nokia’s Lumia line won’t be shackled by Windows Phone restrictions, further cementing its place among the big boy handsets. The 920 comes equipped with a PureMotion HD+ curved screen (1280×768), which Nokia claims gets better natural light performance — up to 25 percent bright than the competition — for better outside viewing.

And! If you ever needed to tap your device’s screen with oven mitts on, you can apparently do so because of the 920’s sensitive screen. Nokia also said the device has super-smooth scrolling, meaning users will essentially get a blur-free experience thanks to a super quick refresh rate.

As expected, the Lumia 920 supports wireless charging, which is a pretty huge convenience. In the real world, Nokia said it has partnered with Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to implement wireless charging stations for consumers. Just plop your device on the station and that’s it.

Other device specs include: 2000mAh battery, more efficient 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, LTE , 1GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage and 7GB free SkyDrive storage. Of course, Nokia is offering the device up in an array of bright, quirky colors to fit user preference. And, duh, Windows Phone 8. That’s just, like, the icing on the cake.

It sounds like Nokia has managed to cull together a series of wonderful parts into a deeply exciting package. There are a number of excellent Android devices on the market, and the iPhone 5 is a week away from being unveiled; Nokia couldn’t afford to announce anything less than a winner, and it looks like it did just that. We can’t wait to spend time with the device later this year.

[via Nokia]