Nokia is reportedly in talks with Everything Everywhere — the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile in the United Kingdom — over an exclusive deal for the newly announced Lumia 920. If successful, the deal would mean that Nokia’s latest flagship handset would only be available on Everything Everywhere in Britain.

The carrier has scheduled a press event in London on Tuesday morning, and we’re expecting it to announce the first lineup of handsets that will grace its new 4G network in the coming weeks. According to the Financial Times, one of those devices could be the Lumia 920 — though it’s not expected to debut until November.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop chose not to comment on the agreements, but has confirmed to the FT that the Lumia 920 will support Everything Everywhere’s 1800MHz 4G frequency band.

Making the Lumia 920 a carrier exclusive is a new model for Nokia, which has traditionally made its devices available on as many networks as possible, in as many countries as possible. But it’s not all that surprising — particularly not in this case.

Back in July, the FT reported that Nokia will be making its Windows Phone 8 devices exclusive handsets in a bid to ”recreate the excitement around Apple’s exclusive launch of the original iPhone in 2007.” In addition to this, the fact that Everything Everywhere will be the U.K.’s only 4G carrier until sometime next year means that no other operator could support the Lumia 920 anyway.

[Via: Financial Times (registration required)]