Nokia Lumia 900 leak

Those in the U.K. have been enjoying the Nokia Lumia 800 for a few weeks now, but it seems the Finnish phone maker may have something even better up its sleeve for those in the U.S. According to one source, the Lumia 900 — said to be Nokia’s high-end Windows Phone device — will launch stateside early next year, with a bigger display and a number of other enhancements over the Lumia 800.

The device will have “the same basic identity” as the Lumia 800, according to sources for Boy Genius Report, but it’ll be better in a number of ways. It will reportedly feature a 1.4GHz processor, a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, and an 8-megapixel camera.

However, arguably the most exciting feature for Windows Phone fans will be its “Tango” operating system, which will be the successor to the Windows Phone Mango operating system.

BGR believes the U.S. will see the device shortly after CES in January:

We have also been told by a trusted source that Nokia is prepping a huge marketing blitz in the U.S. for January and February, which leads us to believe that we can expect the Finnish vendor’s new flagship Windows Phone to launch some time after CES in January.

It’s unclear whether the device will reach other territories, or whether other Lumia devices will join it in the U.S. But it certainly seems as though the Lumia 900 will be well worth the wait. The Lumia 800 has launched to a torrent of glowing reviews, so the enhancements in the Lumia 900 are sure to be well received.

Will you be holding on to your upgrade for the Nokia Lumia 900 next year?

[via Boy Genius Report]