Nokia Lumia 900 LTE
Even though Nokia’s Lumia 900 launched on AT&T on Easter Sunday to the tune of closed AT&T stores across the country, it still wasn’t enough to derail the current face of Windows Phone’s aggressive new marketing campaign. The phone is currently occupying the number one and two spots on Amazon’s smartphone rankings (black and cyan models), and it is ranked fifth place on Amazon’s overall site. It looks to us like the Lumia 900 is definitely off to a good start. Nokia’s flagship is available at an almost criminal price of $49.99 from Amazon, though, so it still remains to be seen if AT&T’s alleged big bet is pushing direct sales through its channels.

“Most phones are not purchased online. Google tried that with the Nexus and failed a few years ago,” Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney told Wired the following. “People want to touch and feel the devices. However, it’s OK that the phone launched when it did, the advertising campaign coordination will be the most important factor to its longer term success.”

Do you think the Lumia 900 will maintain its strong sales numbers at AT&T retail stores, or do you think consumers will continue to flock to Amazon instead?

[via: Wired]

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