Nokia Lumia 900 Ad

AT&T unveiled a slew of new LTE devices at their Developer Summit this morning. But there’s one we haven’t seen yet; one new device was merely teased ahead of a full unveil later today.

Confused? Don’t be – Nokia just wanted to save their new flagship device for a stage all its own.

Nokia’s first ever 4G LTE Windows Phone for the US, widely expected to be the Lumia 900 “Ace,” will be launched at the phone maker’s press conference today at 3 pm. While it’s a little bit silly that AT&T used their stage to essentially announce an announcement, it’s hard to blame Nokia for holding out on Ace. The Finnish company is said to have budgeted some $100 million on a massive marketing campaign to mark their big comeback here in the States – the kind of money that lets you launch a new phone on your own terms.

We’re expecting the 900 to feature a 4.3″ ClearBlack display, an 8 MP camera paired with a front facing secondary camera, and the same 1.4 GHz processor that powers the current top end Lumia 800. While leaked photos of the 900 show a device that to some extent echos the 800’s design, reports have described Ace’s look as “sleek” and “metallic.” Seeing as the 800 already made Adriana’s sexiest gadgets of 2011 list, we’ve got high hopes for its big sister in the look and feel department.

Stay tuned – I’ll be live at the Nokia shindig when it kicks off at 3 PM Pacific Time here in Vegas.