Nokia Lumia 800We already knew that when the Nokia Lumia 800 — the Finnish company’s first Windows Phone handset — hits the U.K. on November 16, it will be available in black only. However, we had no indication of when its prettiest colors, cyan and magenta, would be available. Until now!

The cyan (blue) handset will be the first of the two to hit the U.K., launching during the first week of December — two weeks after the black device lands in shops. The magenta (pink) handset, which is sure to be a hit with the ladies, won’t be available until next year, which makes it an impossibility for Christmas wish-lists. That’s according to “a very trusted source” speaking to Pocket-lint.

Contrary to previous reports, when the devices do go on sale, they’ll be available both on contract and as SIM-free handsets. There was a rumor that claimed the SIM-free handset would be delayed, thanks to the overwhelming demand Nokia has seen for the device, however, the company quickly announced that this is not the case.

While the news is yet to be confirmed by Nokia, it’s promising for those of you eager to get your hands on one of the more interesting Lumia 800s, who had no idea how long you’d be waiting for them before today.

Will you wait for a blue or pink Lumia 800, or just grab the black device next week?

[via Pocket-lint]