Nokia Lumia 800 bundle
It's been a few months since we last got our hands on the Nokia Lumia 800, but it's still one of our favorite devices. Unfortunately, the handset was only made available to overseas markets, leaving TechnoBuffalo and the rest of America a bit envious. Until now. If you've had your eye on the Windows Phone device, all you need to do is check your nearest Microsoft brick-and-mortar store and cash that birthday check. But hey, at least it comes unlocked for use on AT&T's network.

For $899, you can pick up your very own Lumia 800 complete with Nokia Play 360 speaker, Purity HD headset and Bluetooth earpiece. Or you could just wait for the upcoming Lumia 900, which is rumored to hit sometime in March. Either way, it's nice that options are beginning to show up for those looking to experience what the Nokia/Microsoft partnership has to offer.

[via The Verge]