Forgot the Moto G, the OnePlus One and even the weathered Nexus 5: you can pick up the Nokia Lumia 520 for just $29—with no contract. This is the same phone that supposedly Supermanned a bullet earlier this year, a phone that you can happily stuff in someone’s stocking this holiday season without breaking the bank. At just $29, it’s cheaper than a tank of gas, a video game, a meal at a fancy restaurant. If you need backup, this offer shouldn’t be missed.

It’s by no means a quad-core superphone, but it’s definitely respectable for the price. Specs include a 4-inch 480×800 display, 8GB of expandable storage, 512MB of RAM, 5-megapixel camera, 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8227 processor, and a 1430mAh battery. So it’s no Galaxy Note 4, but it’s not bad for someone that needs something purely for communication. This is something you definitely won’t feel buyer’s remorse over.

Low-end Lumia devices are typically pretty cheap without contract, but this? Pretty soon they’ll be paying us to use devices (ok, maybe not). With the ability to run apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, this might be a nice entry point for your pre-teen. Or maybe your grandma. Either way, $29 off contract is tough to beat.