A white variant of Nokia's Lumia 1520 has popped up online sporting Verizon branding. And now begins the inevitable speculation. Having heard reports about a possible announcement later this month, it's been mostly unclear on which carriers we'll see the device end up. AT&T seems like a logical home. But now Verizon? With Nokia's Lumia brand set to pass on, perhaps Nokia's 1520 will be its last hurrah before spectacularly burning out. Better that then to fade away, or so the saying goes.

Found deep within the confines of China's Weibo, the picture reinforces some elements of the device's rumored design, and also some differences: 20-megapixel camera, dual-LED flash, and a potentially large display; we've been hearing it'll be 6-inch full HD, which will be made possible by Microsoft's upcoming GDR3 update for Windows Phone set to hit in (we think) October. Seeing as this device is headed to Verizon, it could be a model exclusive. Whereas AT&T got the 920, Verizon got the 928. This situation might play out in a similar fashion.

WPCentral isn't too convinced by the photo's authenticity, so let's take this with the usual grain of salt. With so many Android and iOS flagships flooding the market this holiday season, a Windows Phone phablet might not be the most enticing proposition out there. But, given that Microsoft will be in control of Nokia's handset business, this will likely be one of the last Lumias we'll see.