It looks like one of the final devices that will employ Nokia's Lumia numerical naming scheme (Ballmer promised us the names would get shorter) was just leaked. Evleaks on Friday published a photo of what is allegedly the Lumia 1520. As we can see from the software, there's room for three medium-size icons across the display. Windows Phone, right now, only offers enough room for two medium icons to stretch across the screen.

So basically that suggests we're either looking at a device with a much larger screen, or one with a much higher resolution display. Our best guess is that this is the latter, and that the device is running the GD3 update to Windows Phone that will enable higher resolution screens. Unfortunately, though, we don't really see any other huge changes in the leak. The device itself reminds us of the Lumia 925 but with a polycarbonate body instead of an aluminum unibody design, we see a small hump around the camera suggesting this likely has a nice high-end PureView camera, though the single LED flash and lack of a Xenon flash also tells us Nokia's probably not putting too much focus in that arena.

We wouldn't be surprised to see the 1520 hit AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S., both of which have been big Nokia and Windows Phone partners recently. With Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's devices division, however, it's likely this is one of the final handsets we'll see under the "Nokia Lumia" brand name. Or so it seems.