You know that high-end Nokia Lumia that we wrote about in this morning's report? Well just hours later, Nokia seems to have leaked the device in a promotional video aimed at developers.

While we can't be sure it is indeed a new Lumia, it seems likely that Nokia would increase its Lumia range before announcing an entirely new one. WinRumors agrees that the device is probably the Nokia 'Ace', which is rumored to be the codename for the Lumia 900.

The device seems to sport a 4-inch display — which is larger than that on the Lumia 800 — and fancy capacitive touch Windows Phone buttons that don't appear until the device is woken up. It looks a little like the Lumia 710, but a larger, sleeker model.

Nokia is reportedly preparing new Windows Phone handsets for the U.S. market, which the Finnish company is expected to announce at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early 2012. Devices which, according to WinRumors, will boast 4G LTE capabilities.

Although we only get a glimpse of its pretty face, it seems this new Nokia handset will be even more attractive than its existing Lumia siblings.

Do you think this is the new Nokia Lumia 900?

[via WinRumors]