Nokia, the part of the company that's not owned by Microsoft, teased on Monday that it's "up to something" with a picture of a mysterious black box.

What is it? We honestly don't have a clue just yet. The company's devices and services division was recently acquired by Microsoft, so it may not be something tied to the mobile space or Windows Phone. Instead, our gut reaction is to think this is something related to streaming media.

Of course, that's fishy, too, since Nokia doesn't really have a foothold in the already crowded streaming media market, and our reaction is simply based on the design, which appears to look similar to other Internet-connected set-top boxes like the Roku, Apple TV, Nexus Player and others. Still, Nokia does have the fundamentals to re-enter the mobile market, and this device may provide connectivity between a phone or tablet and a TV.

We really aren't sure what to expect, but Nokia will lift the veil on this product tomorrow, when we'll be back to let you know all about it.