Nokia Creative StudioSometimes taking a single photograph isn’t enough to really capture the beauty of a landscape – or your cat. So Nokia is introducing a solution. The company on Tuesday announced a free camera app, dubbed Creative Studio, for its Lumia 800 and 710 smartphones. Creative Studio, which works separately from the camera app, allows users to take panoramic shots and then share those shots via Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. In addition, the app gives users basic editing controls such as color correction, cropping and special effects. Up until now Lumia owners have had to rely on third party applications for capturing panoramic images. The app, according to Pocket-lint, works as expected: take a picture, and the phone will automatically line up the next shot – taking vertical shots apparently proved to be tricky, however. Still, it’s a nice free option that’s sure to improve with future updates.

[via Pocket-lint]