Nokia hasn’t wasted any time developing new devices since it sold off its smartphone business. The company revealed an Android tablet last year, and promised new handsets starting in 2016. Now it looks like a Nokia smartwatch could be in the works as well.

In a statement to the press, Nokia laid out its plans to create new devices in the future. The list includes a few gadgets and services we already know about, but it sneaks in a few surprises as well. “These products, software and services relate to, among others, network infrastructure for telecommunication operators and other enterprises, the internet of things, human health and well-being, multi-media, big data and analytics, mobile devices and consumer wearables and other electronics,” the company notes.

What does Nokia mean when it says “consumer wearables?” A smartwatch is certainly possible, especially given Nokia’s recent interest in developing Android devices. It could also be a simple fitness tracker, which fits into the “human health” category. There’s also the mention of Internet of Things, suggesting the Finnish firm may release a few smart home gadgets as well.

Nokia actually developed a smartwatch a few years ago, but the device was scrapped to launch the Microsoft Band instead. It’s probably too late for the Moonraker, but it looks like the company may try something new soon.