Nokia issued a large update for its HERE Drive Windows Phone software on Tuesday. The company said it improved its software with several new features, including easier to read routing, new traffic information, and even a feature that helps you find your parked car.

First, when you boot up the software and, just before you begin navigating, HERE Drive will now show you a list of the directions that you'll follow along the way. Once you start navigating, the list disappears and the standard map shows. The update also includes real-time traffic information, which has been applied to all map views, in addition to a new estimated time of arrival (ETA) feature, that changes based on the traffic conditions along your route.

Finally, a new "Find your car feature" saves the location of your car on the map right when you exit the HERE Drive app. When you're ready to find your car again, open up HERE Drive and you'll see options for finding your car using augmented reality and LiveSight, by simply looking at the map, or by viewing photos that you may have snapped of the car's location when you parked.

The update is available now for Windows Phone users and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.