Nokia Slide to Unlock Patent

Apple owns a slide-to-unlock patent that it has already used to fight against Android products around the globe, but now Nokia has been granted patent of its own that could help it cover itself should Apple ever pursue a lawsuit against its products. Nokia's patent, which was awarded recently by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, covers a process in which a user will slide a single icon across the screen to choose a specific application. Once selecting the application, the device will unlock and the application will launch, UnwiredView explained. It sounds quite similar to what HTC is doing with its Sense user interface, in which a user can select a number of applications from the home screen and unlock the phone while simultaneously launching that application. A user, for example, can unlock the phone and automatically view his or her calendar or launch the camera app. Nokia reportedly filed for the patent in 2007 and Google has filed for a similar patent, although it remains unclear if Google will be awarded a patent also.

[via UnwiredView]