If you’re among the WinPho fans eagerly anticipating Sea Ray, Nokia‘s upcoming Windows Phone 7 device, take heart — according to comments by Conor Pierce, GM for the mobile device maker in the UK and Ireland, the smartphone could be well worth the wait. It’s “absolutely stunning,” gushes Pierce, speaking to Pocket-lint in an exclusive interview.

He claims that those two words were the utterances of partners who have seen the smartphone thus far. If true, that’s no small praise coming from industry insiders, people who lean toward jaded reactions to new tech. Then he can’t help himself — he teases his interviewer a bit, bragging that he has the phone with him, stuffed in his pocket out of sight. No doubt, there was probably some begging and pleading to see the handset, to no avail.

The Conor Pierce evident in this interview seems level-headed and smart, and yet somehow excited and optimistic at the same time. He acknowledges that Nokia badly needs a smash hit right now, and Pierce expects the launch of Nokia’s WinPho initiatives will be just what the doctor ordered. Big words, considering Windows Phone 7 itself has yet to make its mobile competitors sweat. But the General manager has faith in this partnership, as well as a firm belief that people are out there rooting for the company, thanks to a longstanding fondness for the brand. “There is an unrivaled emotional connection with consumers,” he says. “For the most part we [Nokia] are the first phone they had. So that’s deeply rooted.”

Well, even if he wasn’t so sure of this, he is deeply convinced that all it will take is one look at the droolworthy device for others to be believers as well. Exactly when that will be hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s expected to be soon at Nokia World in London on October 26. That’s when we’ll know whether this was just hot air, or the entrance of a genuinely worthy smartphone competitor into the battle-soaked arena of mobile champions.

Any gifted prognosticators in the audience willing to lay bets on Nokia/WinPho’s success or failure? Let us know if you predict an epic win or fail in the comments below.

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