Nokia N9 MeeGo

Yesterday we reported that a team of ex-Nokia engineers have started a new company called Jolla, which is focused on reviving the MeeGo platform that shipped on the Nokia N9. Clearly there are no hard feelings between Nokia and Jolla, because the Finnish firm has gifted the startup a chunk of MeeGo patents from its portfolio.

It's unclear exactly which patents Nokia has agreed to hand over, but you can bet that without them it would have been hard for MeeGo development to continue without drastic changes. Now that Jolla owns these patents, it should be able to continue its MeeGo revival without fear of infringing patents owned by Nokia, or paying to license them.

According to Jolla founder Jussi Hurmola, his company has a "good and open relationship" with Nokia, which is hardly surprising given the fact that Jolla is actually a product of Nokia's Bridge project, which was set up to help employees who leave the company start a new business of their own.

Nokia will offer training, funding, and help identify business opportunities and partnerships for those interested in starting a new business or a company on their own, which can fuel new growth for impacted communities.

Although Jolla is yet to confirm when MeeGo may appear again, Hurmola did hint at something before the end of 2012 during a recent interview with Finnish publication IT Viikko.

UPDATE: Nokia has this morning announced that it did not gift any patents to Jolla after all. SlashGear reports:

Looks like something got lost in translation. According to a statement given to SlashGear from Nokia's Mark Durrant, the company has not given Jolla any patents. "We're proud of the support from our Bridge program to start-ups founded by former Nokia people," Durrant told us, "but we have not gifted Nokia patents to any of them, including Jolla."

[via SlashGear]