Lumia800GroupWe first reported on Nokia's latest battery fix for the Lumia 800 back in early March, when the update first hit users in Singapore. More than three weeks later, it finally begins its rollout across the globe, and should be available to all Lumia 800 users by April 18.

The version 1600.2487.8107.12070 update is said to "nearly triple" battery life for the Finnish firm's first Windows Phone device, and according to the company's announcement on its Nokia Conversations blog, you can expect between 25 and 30 hours of fairly active use:

Since I updated my phone, my personal experience – on average these last two weeks – has been between 25 to 30 hours of battery life with my daily usage pattern: numerous phone calls and text messages, browsing, push email on three mail accounts, some music to and from work, some GPS (Drive and Maps) – and with the phone in flight mode for about 5 hours when I sleep.

It's worth noting, however, that leaving the device in flight mode for five hours is sure to boost battery life significantly. If yours is hooked up to a 3G connection all day long, you'll have to prepare yourself for a little less than "25 to 30 hours."

But still, it's a huge improvement over the Lumia 800's battery life to date. Despite being a huge hit with both industry pundits and early adopters, the device has had its fair share of battery issues, and Nokia has already released two updates to address these problems in the past.

This update also brings enhancements to the Lumia 800's bass for both music and calls, and ensures that the soft keys illuminate regardless of your brightness control settings.

Has Nokia's latest update arrived on your Lumia 800 yet? And if so, what's you battery life like now?

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